How To Choose The Right House Plan

nicehouse04-52108-mChoosing the right house plan for your needs and lifestyle may seem time consuming or difficult, but knowing what to look for can help you select a house plan that matches your requirements and fits well within your budget.

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A Home Office Remodel Can Add Value to Your Home

home-old-workplace-473262-mNot long ago a home office was usually found in the home of a working professional such as an architect or a lawyer. These professionals were early adopters of a lifestyle that allowed them to work while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of home, and saving money by not renting office space. However, with time, more and more people are exploring ways to set up a workspace within their residence to strike a work life balance.

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8 Things Your Home Building Contractor Won’t Tell You

70827342_87f56f0659_nWhen building, renovating or remodeling your home, it’s important to choose the right contractor for the job. There are a number of things that you need to verify before hiring a contractor like their work experience, but what about the things they won’t tell you in an interview? If you’d like to make an informed decision about their services, here are 8 things you should know about your contractor.

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7 Amazing Custom Built-in Cabinetry Ideas That Add Space In Your House

2692024865_c136c87c3f_nAs your family grows and you accumulate more and more things along the way, it can become a challenging endeavor to find an effective way to save and maximize space. One of the most effective ways to increase the space in your home is the use of customized built-in cabinetry. Customization allows you to take the unique features of your home and family into consideration when the cabinets are being designed.

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5 Must Have Architectural Elements Of A Great Home Office

1321229786_959c7d2b2f_mWhether you’re building a home office from scratch or just looking to renovate your existing space, understanding basic architectural design is crucial to creating your ideal work station.

From flooring to furniture positioning, you’ll want to create a room conducive to productivity – one that keeps you focused and on-task for all the work ahead. That’s what we’re going to discuss in the subsequent paragraphs.

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6 Dos and Don’ts When Remodeling Your Home Kitchen

4672398004_782103e88f_nRemodeling the kitchen is one of the most common home improvement projects. It’s also the one that offers the greatest opportunity for recouping your investment when you ultimately sell the house. That being said, most experts encourage homeowners to think more about creating the kitchen they want rather than simply increasing their home’s market value.

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Add a Creative Touch to Your House Using Open Spaces

3463576783_87694925bfSmall spaces don’t have to be cramped or forbidding. With some design know-how you can create open spaces that are welcoming and highly functional at the same time. You can do it anywhere, whether it’s a small garage, a tiny living room, or even just a stairwell. Create magic in your home using the power of illusion, spacing, and color to fool the senses into seeing depth and texture in small spaces.

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Building a Garage Office Can Add Value to Your House

6208246459_be2428f5c8Let’s face it; sometimes your house simply isn’t big enough. Regardless of what you plan to do with any extra space, chances are good that it will add value to your home. As long as you’ve properly evaluated your need for additional space and have charted out a plan to carry out the renovation, your time, money and effort is all going to be fruitful; whether you add another room onto the existing structure, or you convert a garage into an office.

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4 Garage Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Garage Space

5630536941_784fcecfe2Many homeowners underestimate the potential of a garage in terms of the space it usually offers. They are often too cluttered and unorganized to be used efficiently. When the garage is unorganized, it cannot be used properly for the car or store other stuff for optimum use. However, investing a little time and some effort can transform your garage from an organized area to usable, nice-looking space.

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Considering a Detached Garage Plan for Extra Living Space?

2443442088_e3a5c870f6Homeowners frequently bemoan the lack of available space in their home. Whether they are hoping for a home office, a playroom or a man cave, most people think they will have to buy a bigger house to achieve the lifestyle they want. However, most of us don’t have to look farther than our garages to find available space.

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