10 Reasons to Build a Garage with an Attached Apartment

If you are looking for a studio, an on-site apartment for a high school or college student, a rental apartment to earn extra income, or just a place to get away in luxury, look into building a garage with an attached apartment or loft. You don’t need to own a stand-alone home to build a garage with an attached apartment. If you own a home or just own land or are considering purchasing land by itself, here are some great reasons why you should consider our garage plans with loft space.

1.The Starter Home. If you have property or plan on buying land but don’t have the budget to build your dream home right away, you can become a homeowner at minimum cost by building a garage with apartment above.

We have quite a few garages with apartments on top:

HYG-GR-153 has plenty of living space on top, with 500 square feet available on the second floor alone. There's also room for 2 cars on the bottom, and a separate entry for the second story. Click the image for more details.

HYG-GR-153 has plenty of living space on top, with 500 square feet available on the second floor alone. There’s also room for 2 cars on the bottom, and a separate entry for the second story. Click the image for more details.

2.The Luxury Retirement Retreat. Planning to downsize after the kids are gone? Build a garage apartment and keep your independence while you enjoy apartment living without the maintenance and expense of a large home.

3.The Relacing Country Getaway. A garage with apartment above can be a good way to spend weekends – or even weeks or months – in your favorite vacation area.

4.Extra Rental Income Apartment. In areas where affordable housing is a premium, such as college towns or fast-growing communities, your garage / apartment will be in demand – and the rental income can be a welcome supplement. Plus, maintenance expenses are tax-deductible!

5.The In-law Apartment. An apartment over a garage can provide a measure of privacy and independence for in-laws, older teenagers, or occasional guests. In many cases, the upstairs living quarters in a garage/apartment has a separate entrance that can be closed off from the ground-level garage.

6.Affordable Housing with Privacy. Better than a studio or one-bedroom apartment that you rent, your own garage/apartment can be home. Because it is a stand-alone building, your garage/apartment is less expensive than building a traditional home and because it is detached, offers more privacy than apartment or duplex living.

7.The Perfect Penny-Pinching Project for Non-Professionals. Since a garage/apartment is often a smaller project than building a home, take advantage of your own skills – or those of family members – to help complete the project. By borrowing skills in such areas as framing, plumbing, or electrical work, you can save on out-of-pocket expenses while building your garage/apartment.

8.The Perfect Space for… Your home-based business? Your hobby? With the right layout, a garage/apartment can provide space for anything from an auto-repair shop to an artist’s studio. Simplify your life, reduce living costs, and create the shortest commute!

9.Add Value to Your Property. A garage/apartment can be more than just functional. It can have standalone curb appeal or a style that complements and adds value to your existing home. And there are so many plans to choose from – a classic Cape, a charming Craftsman, a solid Colonial, a converted Barn look.

10.The Flexible Floor Plan. The second-floor apartment that suits you today can become an open loft in the future…or a game room, hobby studio, or business office. All the amenities are already there, in a wonderfully flexible space!

Buying a home floor plan with a garage, even with a complete apartment, can be a profitable project, can give you extra income, or can be an inexpensive private getaway. To help you find a garage plan that’s right for you, Archway Press is home to more than 60 garage plans that range in size and style. From starter home to in-law quarters, from guest house to home business, Archway Press has the garage apartment plan that will be perfect to fit your needs.

Get your apartment garage plans today and live in your dream tomorrow.

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