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Fireplace Accessories for a Functional and Beautiful Fireplace

Even though modern homes do not rely on the heat radiating from a fireplace, many new home constructions continue to incorporate a fireplace or numerous fireplaces into the home’s layout. The reason that the fireplace remains so popular is that … Continue reading

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A Garage Apartment Plan For A Summer Rental

So you have a shed that has been unused for decades, but you cannot think of how to put it to better use. One way to turn your waste of space into a piggy bank of sorts is to turn … Continue reading

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Decorative Lighting for Your Home

Decorating a new home or redecorating an existing home can be fun and exciting. The color of your paint can change the complete mood of your room…and so can the lighting you choose for that room. With so many options … Continue reading

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House Plans For Those Who Plan Well

Designing your dream house is not an affair that has to break the bank, especially if you plan your new construction well in advance. One of they keys to a timely and worry-free home construction is a solid floor plan … Continue reading

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Up The Elegance With English Manor House Plans

Prefabricated homes are a dime a dozen nowadays. For something really valuable, a custom designed home can showcase all of your tastes and set you up to get a return on investment later in life on a one-of-a-kind property. Archway … Continue reading

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Tiffany Lamps: Considering Not Only Beauty but Illumination

Many times when shopping for Tiffany Style lamps, lighting or even stained glass panels, we are drawn by the magnificent beauty and splendid color. Sometimes we just want to buy the light because it is so beautiful. But, as we … Continue reading

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Home Plan For Minimalist Vacation Getaway

If you live in a large urban center, then you may frequently feel the need to escape the stress of city life. You might not have the luxury of a schedule or budget that permits you to jet to fancy … Continue reading

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Archway Press House Plans: Before You Build

The process of seeing your dream home come to fruition includes a lot of time spent planning and budgeting. In some cases it can take years to turn your vision for a new home into a finished product ready for … Continue reading

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Sisal – A staple fiber in natural flooring

Sisal has been used for centuries to make quality rugs, and it’s now becoming very popular again as environmental awareness is increasingly becoming a priority these days. Natural Area Rugs believes very strongly in environmentally friendly products, and continues to … Continue reading

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Archway Press Country House Plans

        A country house offers a getaway retreat perfect for weekends away from the hustle and bustle of hectic work schedules, daily commutes, and endless to-do lists. If you have been dreaming of a country house for decades … Continue reading

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