Blueprints for a Great New Garage

Rely on the Experts at Archway Press for the Blueprint to a Great New Garage! Why should you build a new garage?

  • Your quaint old home has ample space around it: but no garage. So right now, you park your cars out on the street.
  •  Your old garage was converted into a workshop long ago—and there is enough space on the lot for a new garage.
  • You have just a two-car garage now. Your teenagers are learning how to drive. They anxiously await the day they can park their very own new car next to yours.
  • Not only do you want a new garage; you want to build a loft apartment over it for your kids, or in-laws, or to rent out to boarders.
  • You want to sell your home. It might linger on the market for a long time because you have no garage to appeal to buyers.
  • You have more than just cars you want to store in your garage: such as a boat.

The experts at Archway Press have the blueprints you need to build a garage that’s just right for your needs. The great thing about Archway Press garage apartment plans are the varied layouts meant to suit different-sized garages and varying budgets.

Browse through our catalogue of Garage Blueprints. If you don’t find one that is just right for you, we’ll alter an existing design to fit your specific needs! We’ll take your specifications, and come up with a plan for building your garage that will suit your needs. Call us at 800-374-4766, or email us at


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