Decorating your Home Can Start as Early as Choosing the Right House Plan

When decorating your home, where do you start? Interior spaces or exterior look? It is pretty much a chicken or egg question, and, as such, there probably is no correct answer. The interior, where you and your family live, is obviously important and you want to make sure that it suits your personal styles and functional needs. So before you start decorating, you need to know a few things: how many bedrooms will you need? Is the great room concept right for you? Do you want cozy or intimate spaces? With these questions answered, then you can start looking for the right house plans for your needs.

Many architects will tell you that form follows function, which implies that you start with the interior. Most of us, though, start with a preconception of how we want our house to look. The easiest way to begin developing an idea about how you want your home to look is to review a variety of house plans to get an idea of what home styles you prefer and which of those styles are appropriate for your building site. A New England Cape Cod-style would look odd in the hills above Phoenix and an A-frame certainly wouldn’t fit in Chicago.

Some Common American House Styles

Colonial: One-and two-story orderly, symmetrical homes that were popular from Maine to Georgia in colonial times.

Craftsman: Developed from the Arts & Crafts movement, 1905-1930, moderately-sized, bungalow style homes.

Cape Cod: First developed in New England in the late 17th century, these popular one-and-one-half story homes are easily expanded.

Victorian: A range of styles that became popular in the late 19th century, characterized by steep roof lines, porches, unusually-shaped windows, colorful siding and trim.

Tudor: A range of sizes from cottages to country manors and details that suggest medieval building techniques.

Your home decorations tell a story about who you are, and the best decorations are the ones built into the house of your dreams. If you have not considered looking through house plans for your dream house, now is the time to start. But it’s never too early to get those in-house decorations that will turn any house into a home.

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