Finding house blueprints that are right for your family

We at Archway have a wide range of house plans to choose from: 700 designs in total, with a wide variety of sizes, styles and features. But before you start browsing our designs, first do a little considering on your own. Each family has different needs. What are yours? Think about what you need, and what you would like to have, in each of these departments.

How many bedrooms will you need? That will depend of course on how many people are in your family circle now, and how many you are expecting over the next couple of years, even decades: kids, returning college students, in-laws that need your help with living space?

Number of bathrooms: if you’ve got little girls in your house, they’re going to grow up to be teenagers someday. Consider the possibility that you will need more than one bathroom so you can all get through the morning without temper tantrums in front of the bathroom door!

One-, two-, or three-story house? Why waste the floor space if you can build two or three stories on the same space as one? You’ll get much more room, as well as privacy.

Full basement? This can be used not only for a TV room, or a den, but perhaps even an apartment for relatives or boarders.

Walk-up attic: This certainly may come in handy if you need storage space now or in the future for all those winter clothes, books, records, etc. you don’t want to throw away. Just be sure to use mothballs and keep the roof intact to keep the sun and the moisture out!

Garage: One-car, two-car, three-car….? Extra apartments for in-laws, returning college students, boarders? We have garage designs that can house as many as ten cars, if you or someone in your family wants to store them, or a boat, or even a hangar for an airplane. We have garage designs for apartments—one, or even two!–atop the garage!

Acreage: How much land do you have to build upon? How much do you want of that acreage for the house, garage, and driveway; how much for gardens and lawns?

When you come up with choices that are right for you and your family, browse through our house blueprints and plans to find the one that’s right for you. Contact Archway’s at Phone: 800-374-4766    E-mail:




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