Garage Blueprints and Your Local Zoning Laws and Regulations

Archway Press offers more than 60 affordable detached garage designs, for building garages all over the country. So we have the right garage building plan to meet your needs. But how can you make sure that our plans will fit your local zoning laws and regulations?

Our garage plans conform to one or more nationally recognized building codes and most local codes conform to these national standards. However, on occasion, our plans may need to be adapted to local building standards, such as energy-related codes, seismic codes and snow loads, which vary from area to area. Your builder or other local professional can easily make minor changes, if necessary, so that plans conform to your area standards.

And how will you know that the garage you plan to build with our plan will be affordable?

Only a local expert—your local builder–using the working-drawing blueprints, can give you exact cost information. But for the low cost of $9.95—which will be discounted from the final price of your plan when you buy it—we will give you a comprehensive cost estimate, adjusted for your building area, of the garage you build from our plan.

So to get the ball rolling, check over our garage plans, and see which one you feel is right for you, and then you and your builder, get in touch with us, at Archway Press.

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