Garage Flooring: The Next Step To Achieving A Beautiful Garage

Now that you have a garage floor plan, the next step to achieving the garage you have always wanted is purchasing the right type of garage flooring. With all of the garage flooring on the market, choosing the right garage floor can be difficult.

Two of the most popular garage floor products on the market are garage floor covers and garage floor tiles. Unlike garage flooring epoxy, garage floor tiles and garage floor mats allow you to install your garage floor and start using your garage the same day.

Garage floor mats like those from Better Life Technology are available in a variety of patterns, sizes and colors. You can use a single Parking Pad under your vehicle or two garages mats can easily be combined to cover your entire garage floor

Garage floor tiles, like those manufactured by Daytona Sport Court, can be combined into limitless patterns. You can create a large checkerboard garage floor. Some garage floors combine a solid tile and a drainage tile so that water and dirt do not track over your entire garage.

Another option for your garage floor is to coat it with a high grade garage floor epoxy such as EpoArmor. Unlike traditional garage floor epoxy, EpoArmor is a thick, flexible garage floor coating. EpoArmor does not require the use of an aid prior to install nor do you have to grind down your garage floor.

If covering your entire garage floor sis simply not in the budget, you may want to consider a containment mat like the Park Smart Special Edition Parking mat. This 50 mil parking mat with snap on edges contains hundreds of gallons of water and dirt where it counts the most – under your car.

If your garage floor has a lot of oil stains, you may want to use an oil stain remover prior to the installation of your garage floor. We have a product named Pour N Restore that will remove stains from your garage floor.

JNK Products offers free shipping on all of their garage flooring products. JNK also offers free design, free samples and live customer service 7 days a weak.

Biography: JNK Products, LLC is the online leader in garage flooring and niche home improvement products. JNK Products offers a complete line of garage floor epoxy, garage floor mats and garage floor tiles. JNK Products, LLC is based out of Grand Junction, CO.

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