Garage Plans for Car Enthusiasts

Most of us ordinary mortals think that a garage is just a place you park your car. We wouldn’t dream of spending any serious amount of our time there. We’ve got more things to do. But not that one family member—and maybe it’s you, reading this blog! No, he will indignantly reply, “I’m not a car nut…I’m a car enthusiast!” When the rest of your family wants to watch TV or talk endlessly about Oprah or the latest baseball scores, he (or she) will excuse himself politely and stealthily retire to his own private Shangri-La: the garage.

Well there’s nothing wrong with that. And we at Archway have the plans you need to build the perfect garage for your automobile connoisseur.
Let’s ask the miracle question: what would it look like, the perfect garage, if it suddenly appeared, right next to your house? Just for starters, it would have to have a workspace, maybe even a separate workroom, so your handyman could engage in repairs. And how about a washroom, which might include a sink and even a toilet? And last but certainly not least, how about enough room for the cars themselves?

Not to worry. Archway has plans for all that, and more. Our plan # HYG-GR-181 has space for a grand total of TEN CARS! “Wow,” we can almost hear your car enthusiast say. PLUS, there’s room upstairs for a deluxe apartment with a luxurious master suite, a good-sized second bedroom, floor-thru living room and open-planned kitchen-dining room with rear deck. Your car  enthusiast can live out there if he or she wants: or you can take in boarders and make some extra rental income, or save that upstairs space for a recent college graduate, or an in-law suite.

So get in touch with us at Archway, at 800-374-4766    E-mail: And you can get to work to make your car enthusiast’s dream a reality today!

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