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The blossoming growth of the new home industry can be attributed to many factors. When the economy is good, people take advantage and upgrade to larger, more expensive and often new homes. They add 2nd homes, vacation homes or investment property to their asset portfolio’s to enhance their life style or simply to acquire profits in the future.

If you’re in the market for a new home, building is a great option and allows you to take advantage of some outstanding products. One such product that has experienced a growth spurt of its own is the company that markets online house design plans. The reason for their popularity goes beyond price. Pre-designed home and garage plans are architecturally designed, often by award-winning and nationally know architects. They offer a huge range of styles, sizes and features. They are tested and available for building at a moment’s notice.

Architectural fees start at thousands of dollars and sometimes run into millions. Then too, you can never be sure if you are on the same “same page” as your architect or if you will be encouraged to try something new that is not really your style. Working with a designer can be hit or miss and most people don’t really want the frustration if the project doesn’t hit the mark.

But what if you could live in a professionally designed home with outstanding features, flowing space and the style that you’ve always longed for without paying the big design fees?

You can do exactly that by looking through pre-designed house plans. Whether your dream home is Modern or Colonial, French Country or Victorian, a Federal farmhouse or Gothic mansion, you’re sure to find your dream home among the designs. Once you’re house is built, you’ll realize how smart you were for opting to buy a house plan and build yourself.

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