Is Your Flooring a Health Trap?

If you’re lucky enough to be building your own home, you have a real opportunity to customize from the floor up and include all the features you’ve yearned for over the years. One of the biggest decisions is what to do with the floors. If your house building plans include floor covering specifications that do not suit your taste or lifestyle, it is best to make changes early and avoid extra costs. By exploring new ideas for your residential floor plans you can save money and create a tasteful and less polluted environment.

Don’t just settle for carpeting. Explore the wide range of wood flooring, or laminate or tile. Besides the stylistic preferences you may have, there may be health risks that you should consider if choosing carpeting.

Carpets are filled with chemicals that are used for stain proofing and latex backing. They are known to release organic compounds that are harmful and may be carcinogenic. Pesticides, pet dander, dust mites, mold and allergens also hide in carpets. Can you afford these potential health risks?

Consider wood, laminate and tile flooring. Easy to clean and durable, these materials will also add decorative appeal to your room. Think of the versatility they offer. Last year you let the beauty of the wood show. This year, cover your wood floor with a large area rug. Next year, move the rug to a different room and exchange with several small colorful and uniquely patterned rugs to create a whole new look. You can have an abundance of decorating choice just by rotating your area rug collection throughout your house.

Natural fiber rungs such as jute, sisal and natural grass fiber are anti-static and made from all natural fibers. They are also top choices for durability and style. They are the height of fashion on wood or tile floors and most importantly, they can be spot cleaned or completely removed for cleaning. Highly collectable, area rugs will give years of service and you will never have to worry if walking barefoot on your carpet could kill you.

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