Living the Victorian Life Style

Victorian architecture is intriguing, flamboyant and daring. It speaks of a time when life was more genteel yet complicated and cluttered. Visually stunning and highly ornate, the Victorian house always stands out proudly on the block, amid lesser architectural achievements and drab exteriors.

Wouldn’t You Love to Own One?

Victorian homes came into vogue during the reign of Queen Victoria, 1839-1901, and were initially simple in style and design. As it developed, the Victorian style house incorporated new and dramatic features such as steep pitched roofs, highly asymmetrical floor plans which were visible on the exterior, as well what seemed liked, miles of wrap around porches and abundant exterior decorations. After the Civil War, Victoriana became the rage and the style became even more dramatic, elaborate and complex.

It is easy to see that people who own Victorian style homes may experience a higher level of life style satisfaction. Who wouldn’t sit down everyday in the afternoon for tea with those lovely stylish porches beckoning you all day long? The cats can often be found lounging in the bay window which affords the best view of the garden and the kitty traffic outdoors. The part-time housekeeper loves putting away the groceries in the butler pantry that really looks like a still life painting. And, when the kids need some private time, they can meander up stairs and always find a nook or cranny to hide awhile.

Many potential home buyers drawn by the romance of the Victorian era purchase run down Victorian homes in an attempt to restore them to their former glory. Some are highly successful and end up with a treasure but most people are apprehensive of the cost, inconvenience and time, that restoration requires.

If you’d love to live in and own a Victorian style home, you may find the best way is to build one yourself. There are hundreds of Victorian home plans available for sale from companies that specialize in providing you with building plans designed by professional architects. For a small fee, some companies will even cost out the project of building your home in the region and time frame that you select. With your plans in hand and your site purchased, the only thing standing between you and your dream is finding the right builder.

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