Vacation Home Plans

A vacation home, also called a second home is a dream of many people. It's a place where couples or families plan to unwind and spend time away from the monotony of their regular lives. It is therefore, very important that a vacation home is

  • Well planned, 
  • Professionally designed 
  • Constructed as per the state norms

When not being used by the owners, the property can be rented out on a monthly basis to serve as an additional source of income. Considering the demand for vacation homes, many people are now contemplating buying new properties or re-designing their old homes to come up with latest styles in vacation homes.

We at Archway Press, have developed a premier online collection of more than 600 affordable, appealing and buildable house plans culled from the best designs by 35 leading residence designers. While this collection of house plans exhibits a range of styles and sizes from "back woods" to contemporary, the plans share common features including wide decks, porches and dramatic exteriors that complement the volume ceilings within. 

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