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Things You Should Know Before Ordering

About Our Plans
The Plan Package
Sets Needed
Estimating Costs
House Prices
Garage Prices
Postage & Handling Rates
Terms of Sale

About Our Plans

The plans featured here reflect the work of leading residential architects and designers. This means you get top value for your building dollar in terms of the most practical use of space within a framework that combines beauty and good living. Our plans conform to one or more nationally recognized building codes. Because they are sold all over the country, local area conditons and building standards, such as energy-related codes, seismic codes, snow loads and soil conditons, which vary from area to area, must be understood to take precedence in actual construction. In addition, the heating plant must be determined locally based on such factors as climate, building practices and on your own preferences. In most instances your builder or other local professional can easily make minor changes, if necessary, so that plans conform to your local area standards and codes.

What You'll Get - The Plan Package

Each blueprint package provides clear and concise plans with technical points covered in easy-to-understand language. Here's everything you need, in blueprint form, to show your builder (or architect) to give you the home you've always wanted. The package includes the following:

Foundation Plan
Drawn to 1/4" scale, this page shows all necessary notations and dimensions including support columns, walls and excavated and unexcavated areas. Type of foundation varies with each plan .and the foundation(s) available for a particular design are shown on the plan page for that plan.

Exterior Elevations
A blueprint picture of all four sides showing exterior materials and measurements.

Floor Plans
Detailed plans, drawn to 1/4" scale for each level showing room dimensions, wall partitions, windows, etc. as well as the location of electrical outlets and switches.

Cross Section
A vertical cut-away view of the house from roof to foundation showing details of framing, construction, flooring and roofing.

Interior Elevations
Detailed drawings of kitchen cabinet elevations and other elements as required.

Outline Specifications
Descriptions of materials showing the type and quality of materials, and details of construction such as grading and moisture protection.

Options To Consider

In addition to the blueprint package, here are some important aids and services to help you customize your plan while saving on construction and design costs.

Materials List

Available for many of our plans, this is a plan-specific tabulation of the type, size and quantity of materials used in construction. The list is helpful for estimating costs and is available for an additional charge for house plans and is included at no additional charge for garage plans.

Mirror Reverse and Readable Reverse Sets 

If you find that a particular house plan or garage plan would suit you - or your lot - better if it were reversed, we will furnish one set of blueprints transposed as in a mirror. If you order five sets, for example, we will send one mirror set and four sets in the original position so that you can read the figures and directions easily. There is a one-time surcharge of $20.00 for this service. At least one original set must be ordered. In some cases plans are available in readable reverse with all the notes, descriptions and dimensions readable with the plan drawn in reverse. Where available there is an additonal charge for plans in readable reverse.

Reproducible Masters

Original working-drawings reproduced on erasable vellum can be a cost-effective way for your builder or other local professional to make changes without redrawing the plan from scratch. With the purchase of reproducible masters you receive a copyright release which allows you or your builder to make changes and then to make as many copies as necessary for construction. Note that the purchase of reproducible masters allows you to build only one house.

PDF Electronic Files

This provides you with an electronic version of the plan in the same size and format as the blueprint version on plain bond paper. Mailed to your email address, you can take the PDF to your local copy center or blueprinter for them to make copies when and as required. The PDF version of the plans saves you time and money as it is emailed within one business day and there are no shipping charges. However, if you are considering major changes, the reproducible masters or CAD files (if available) may be more cost effective.

CAD Files (Where Available)

The CAD file format is an electronic version of the plan in the same size and format as the blueprint version. It can only be opened with AutoCad or sometimes other professional design programs. An advantage of  CAD files is that for major changes to a plan, such as changing the type of roof or overall dimensions, this version is the most efficient and cost-effective way to make alterations. To make changes in the CAD file version, your local architect or designer will need to be familiar with the CAD program and have preinstalled it on his computer. In most cases where we offer CAD files the file format is in AutoCad which is one of the most widely used CAD programs. Many of our plans, but by no means all, are available in a CAD version. As with PDF electronic files and reproducible masters, you can make as many copies on bond paper as required to build your home.

Exterior Walls

In some areas climate conditions or local codes may call for 2" x 6" exterior walls. If the plan you select has 2" x 4" exterior walls, your builder can easily make the change or, in some cases, we can often furnish you with sets of blueprints with 2" x 6" walls for an additional fee. Call us toll-free for details.

Number of Sets Needed

Five sets of the plan is the usual minimum number required if you are planning to build: your contractor, local building department, lending institution (if mortgage is required), yourself for future use or backup. Subcontractors will also require a set or sets.

A single set of blueprints is offered so you can study and review a plan in detail. But remember one set will not be enough to build your house and U.S. Copyright laws prohibit reproduction of blueprints without permission.

If you need a cost effective way for your builder or other local professional to make major changes without redrawing the plan, consider ordering reproducible masters -- original working-drawings reproduced on erasable vellum or, where available, CAD electronic files. From these versions you can make as many copies as desired.

Estimating Costs

Since component costs of building a home, including site preparation, labor, materials and transportation, vary widely from area to area, only a local expert, using the working-drawing blueprints, can give you accurate cost information. Costs will also vary with the extras you add and economies you may be able to introduce. The Materials List, available for most plans, is a companion aid (with the working-drawing blueprints) for calculating materials cost. 

Square foot area shown for each plan (unless otherwise specified) is for living area only and does not include nonheated areas such as porches, garages, attics or basement areas since many of these features are optional and, in any case, cost less per square foot to build than the main dwelling. Square foot area can only give a very rough idea of the cost and should not be used as a basis for a contract.

You can use our Cost Estimate Form to find out the build cost for a particular Archway plan in your area.

House Plan Prices

Since the cost of developing these designs can be spread over many orders, we are able to offer these building blueprints to you for a fraction of their development cost. If plan alterations are contemplated, you may want to consider reproducible masters or CAD electronic files (where available) which are more flexible for making changes. To determine the plan price of your plan refer to the specific plan page.

Garage Plan Prices

Our new series of affordable garage plans features dozens of designs that offer garages with space for 2 to 5 cars. Most garages feature upstairs loft or living quarters. To determine the price of your garage plan, consult the Garage Plan Package Price Schedule below or refer to the specific garage plan page. A materials list is included with any garage plan package:

Price Level 3-Set Package 1-Set Package Reproducible Masters/PDF Files
Garage (No loft) $95.00 $65.00 $195.00
Garage With Loft $215.00 $185.00 $315.00
Garage with Apartment $265.00 $235.00 $365.00

CAD Electronic Files (where available) are $330.00 more than 1-set price.

Additional sets of garage plans are $20.00 for plans without an apartment and $25.00 with an Apt.

Postage and Shipping Rates for U.S and Canada Orders

Method of Shipment - P&H Rates
Ground Service (4-6 days) $20
Second Day (2-3 days) $35
Next Day (1 day) $50
Canada Regular (3 weeks) $25
Canada Express (1 or 2 days) $80

Overseas : Phone 212-757-5580 or email ( for quotes.
PDF electronis files are sent by email without shipping charge.

Terms of Sale

All plans sold through this internet site are protected under the Federal Copyright Act. Reproduction of the working-drawing blueprints is strictly prohibited. The purchaser of the 5-set construction package is licensed to construct the plan as originally designed or to change the plan to meet specific needs. The purchaser of reproducible masters is licensed to modify the plan and make blueprint sets as required for one house and not for resale. The purchase of one set of blueprints is intended for study and review. If construction is contemplated, five sets is the required minimum. Within 30 days of purchase of a single set, the purchaser may "trade up" to this 5-set package by paying the difference between the 1-set and 5-set prices plus shipping.

As plans are specifically made up for each order, they cannot be returned for a refund. However, blueprints may be exchanged for the same number of sets of a different Archway plan. In order to qualify for an exchange of a plan you must notify our office in advance and blueprints must then be returned complete and in good, unused condition within 30 days of your order. There is a service charge of $45 to cover blueprinting and handling for this service. Reproducible masters, PDF electronic files and CAD electronic files are not returnable.