After 65 years in the business of selling pre-designed house and garage plans throughout the U.S. and Canada (including for the last 20 years on the internet at:, our company, Archway Press, Inc., is closing our on-line web site and store. We thank you for your patronage and interest in our plans. It has been our pleasure to serve you by helping you find the best plan to satisfy your needs. While we no longer have a presence on the web, we will nevertheless continue to be available to answer questions about specific plans or to provide general advice.

So going forward, if you have questions about particular Archway plans, including their availability, please email us at: or call our toll free number, 800-374-4766. Be assured that we will respond promptly to your queries. Thank you again for your support and interest over the years and we wish you the best with your house or garage plan search.